Authors can submit their work in the form of a properly formatted PDF file. To ensure correct formatting, it is advised to use the provided template for preparing your manuscript. Please locate and follow the template and author guidelines for your submission to meet the conference's requirements and standards. These resources will help you present your work in the expected format.

The maximum allowed manuscript length for papers submitted to the conference is 6 pages. Please note that exceeding this page limit by 1-2 pages would incur a significantly higher cost, so it is important to adhere to the 6-page limit. Additionally, every paper should contain an abstract of approximately 150 words and include a maximum of five keywords. This ensures that papers are concise, focused, and adhere to the conference's formatting and length requirements.

Submission is through CMT Paper Management Systems. If you already have CMT login, you can make use of that; otherwise, you may need to create a login for CMT.

Each submitted paper will go through several stages of screening, including a check for compliance with formatting, scope, and quality. In the case of a paper failing the initial screening, authors will be informed without any comments provided. Papers that qualify for review will be sent to reviewers for their assessment. A minimum of three reviewer comments will be obtained before the Technical Program Committee (TPC) makes a decision on the paper.

The review process follows a double-blind procedure. It is essential not to include author details on the manuscript, leaving the author's space blank. Authors of the accepted papers will receive notification via email. Information regarding necessary revisions will be communicated to the corresponding author through email. The author(s) will be required to incorporate the suggestions and send the revised camera-ready copy of the paper within the specified time limit.